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Why E-commerce?

  • Open 24x7: Time restrictions are non-existent as e-commerce empowers one to execute business transactions 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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  • Global Access: The greatest advantage of e-commerce, is it enables a business or an individual to market globally. This dramatically increases product sales and profit.
  • Straight forward: No Hassles of main-stream Shopping. No need to lug around heavy shopping bags, being stuck in traffic jams, standing in queues. In addition to that online business provide buyers with a wider array of products and services to pick from, as opposed to traditional shopping. Ecommerce is far more convenient.
  • Cost-efficiency: Electronic Commerce is very cost effective and economical. General cost of running a continuing business are far greater than those utilizing technology and e-Commerce. With Ecommerce overhead costs can be reduced as technology makes operations much simpler. Most procedures can be automated without requiring any human intervention. In addition to that e-commerce reduces the burden of infrastructure to conduct businesses like physical store setups and thus saves on the investment and expenditure costs.
  • Customer Service: Better Deals for Customer,E-commerce provides the customers the opportunity to look for cheaper and quality services and products. Besides these, people additionally come across reviews posted by other clients, about the products bought, which help one in make purchasing decisions. The customers need not give out information on repeat orders, their details are already available in the system. The customers can electronically track their orders. Online commerce technology enables efficient customer service by recording and analyzing information regarding client behavior, which helps in developing marketing and promotional strategies.
  • Quick Response Time: Everything happens with a snap of the fingers. Deals are managed, responses sent, products ordered and more.

Some Features

  • Product Categories and Product Catalog
  • Product Reviews
  • Shopping Cart
  • Most Popular Products
  • Shoppers can manage their user accounts
  • Shipping address management
  • Live-Shipping Rates
  • Flexible Tax models
  • Order History
  • Order confirmation mail to shopper
  • Powerful Administrator features

Integration with Payment Gateways


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