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Applying Web Technologies

Development and Maintenance

We provide Design and Development of HTML5 and CSS websites, Content Management System Solutions and Custom Development Services. Your Website needs to be responsive and mobile friendly. It should be visually appealing on all platforms like desktops, laptops, iPads, Mobile Devices and more. A Web presence is not something that you should design once and forget. If you want visitors to keep coming back to your site and search engines to consider your site alive one needs to continually update the website. This requires ongoing web site maintenance, web application maintenance services. Maintenance includes technology updates, content updates, backups, monitoring site server, maintaining site up time, managing third party product installations, payment gateways, maintaining blogs and forums, keeping track of the pages visited by users, check for broken links...more

If you want continual stream of visitors and your business revenues to grow in addition to Design and Development you should sign up for our Web Maintenance Services and Digital Marketing Services.



  • Connect you with your customers
  • Communicate your message to the world
  • Add Business value
  • Encourage inquiry or business

Mobile Friendly Websites

E-commerce Website Design

Content Management

Benefits of content management solution beyond a simple website are


  • Scalable website
  • Add functionality as you go
  • Update your website with ease.
  • Encourages collaboration
  • Anyone with little or no technical knowledge can maintain content on the site.

Websites built on Joomla and Wordpress

Custom Software


  • Unique requirements
  • Business edge
  • Integration with existing systems


Website Design and Development Solutions

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