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Applying Web Technologies

Custom Software Development

We have performed custom software development using various technologies

  • Content Management System based application using Joomla®, wordpress®
  • HTML applications like Nutritionist Portal 
  • Quality management application SQM
  • ACH based cheque truncation
  • Online Money Movement using MVC architecture
  • M2Web FOR Merchant Application Processing

Development Process Overview

Custom applications are like building blocks. And the way they are put together makes the difference between systems that are inefficient and systems that are responsive to the needs of the enterprise. Custom or Bespoke software development need arise when you want:

  • Workflow Management
  • To manage Business Processes efficiently
  • Automated your Business Processes
  • Want to use an application across locations
  • .......

Each custom made application is usually unique in nature and requires understanding your business domain, processes and is not just limited to Technical Skills. You name a business process and we can automate it with custom software development services.

Hence Requirement Analysis becomes even more critical for the success of customized development projects. In capturing business requirements for custom software solutions the most difficult part is not the act of recording what the users want; it is the exploratory activity of helping users figure out what they want. Learn more about Requirement Analysis.......

Being a Process Oriented, we set up processes to help us effectively handle your need for a customized business software solution. Once the requirements are in place

  • Planning, Execution, Release and Maintenance; these steps are followed iteratively to achieve your business requirements.
  • Our project managers have experience in working with various technological areas in both open source, Java and Microsoft technologies which helps us to provide you with desired results.
  • With effective communications as an integral part of offsite or offshore project management;  we make sure that the requirements are delivered within agreed upon time, schedule and budget. During the entire software lifecycle, we keep you in the loop with our communication processes wherein intermitted deliveries are made and your feedback is sought.

Projects Executed

Some information on projects we have handled is given below. 

Software Quality Management(SQM) for Project Management Process Automation

Services Rendered

Custom Software Development and Maintenance

Solution Description

SQM is an application development tracking software built to provide usage of Project Management processes, as provided for in PMBOK Standard, developed by Project Management Institute, U.S.A., wherever possible. These are illustratively summarized in the following with corresponding PMBOK processes in parenthesis.

Salient Features

Requirement Management (Project Scope Management) 
SQM provides a common ground on which the teams can interact with the customer during this phase. The queries can be posted, relevant documents can also be attached and the customer can respond to those in SQM itself. Even if the customer does not respond in the SQM itself he might still be notified by email if required and the relevant documents sent to him with the email notification. 

For Maintenance projects or for projects in which the response time to the customer is critical, SQM is helpful in a way that the time when the customer posts an item in logged in their time zone.

Risk alleviation (Risk Monitoring & Control) 
SQM helps in minimizing risks, once identified, in the following areas 

  • Scope 
  • Time (Schedule) 
  • Cost 
  • Quality 

By using the category available in the SQM, the managers can easily deal with all the issues related to the risk area of their interest at any point in time. The risk resolution for those too can be logged in the SQM.

Change Management (Integrated Change Control) 
The change requests identified through risk identification are handled using change management. The SQM records the changes as well as the follow-up actions and decisions taken at different levels in the organization.

Quality Assurance (Quality Assurance and Quality Control) 
QA is a process, which is performed at each stage of development. The issues found during QA in each stage example: Review of Requirements Document, Review of Design Documents, Coding & Unit Testing and various test cycles can be logged in the SQM.

Depending on the data logged in the various stages of development following are the reports which can be generated through the SQM

  • Cause and Effect Analysis using Pareto Graph(Pareto diagrams): This report helps in identifying the 20% of the causes, which cause 80% of the problems. This provides a mean for continually improving the companies' procedures and systems.
  • Defect Removal Effectiveness: This report helps in analyzing the effectiveness of various stages of development indicating how many issues were injected in a particular stage of development versus the number of issues, which were resolved in that particular stage.
  • Backlog Management Index: This report helps in time critical projects. This indicates the backlog of issues as on a particular day/week/month.
  • Fix Backlog/ Percentage Delinquent: This report is helpful in projects where the response time is critical e.g. technical support, maintenance projects. This will indicate how many issues where closed in time versus the ones on which the response has been delayed.
  • Customized Reports: Exporting the data available through SQM into Excel can help in creating customized reports. Example: The data for calculation of Phase Index and Error Index is available through the SQM. This data can be exported to an Excel and the same can be calculated.

Communication (Information Distribution & Performance Reporting) 
SQM provides for strong communication backbone handling all communications effectively. This includes inter and intra-team communication. This is achieved by

  • Having the entire history pertaining to the issue at a glance
  • Email notifications are generated to all concerned
  • Escalation of issues

Document management 
SQM helps in keeping all the documentation related to an issue and Product Life Cycle in one place.  SQM also helps in identification and traceability in terms of tracking issues to Modules/Screens/Test Assets/Versions. 

Tools & Technology

  • Windows Platform
  • JAVA
  • MS SQL 2000

M2/Web the Merchant Application Processing System for

Client àWells Fargo Merchant Services (USA)

Services Rendered

Requirement Analysis (Onsite), Custom Software Development

Solution Description

M2/Web is business process automation of merchant application processing workflow. It allows on-line data entry by dispersed sales force creating proposals for merchants. Business workflow logic enables proposal evaluation, approval by back office departments. The approved merchant list is sent to a mainframe for real-time validation of customer transactions.

The main inputs to the system are the merchant application forms that are manually entered into the system. The main output of the system is a list of accounts and associated data that have been approved by the system and written to a file that is sent to the merchant processing vendor, FDMS. The application goes through various statuses while it goes through the system beginning with new application and ending with Completion. In most cases, the account cannot move to the next status without the prior status being completed. The statuses provide a good means to track all applications and also help with business workflow since users who have responsibilities for a certain part of the process can view all applications in a certain status and pick one to work on.

Salient features

  • Business process automation of merchant applications 
  • Built in Workflows at various levels.
  • Automated processes for the Merchant Application Processing.
  • The Merchant details are entered in a controlled & accessible environment.
  • Merchant information is stored in the local database & then is uploaded to FDMS.
  • The Application usage extended to Sales Reps and Bankers reducing duplication of effort and lessening the paperwork.
  • All sensitive information is encrypted to protect the data using SSL.

Tools & Technology

  • Microsoft SQL Server 2000
  • Microsoft Visual Studio®, COM+, ASP, XML/XSL, VB Script
  • Microsoft Office, MS Project,
  • Windows platform
  • UML

YesNutritionWorks(YNW) - Nutritionist Portal

Client àYesNutritionWorks (UK)

Services Rendered

Custom Software Development and Maintenance

Solution Description

YesnutritionWorks, a web-based application developed using LAMP technology (Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP). 

There are basically three types of users - Clients, Nutritionists, Doctors, and Administrator. Each of these logins has the facilities available as per their rights and permissions. 

Once the clients purchase a consultation service they are able to login in and answer a questionnaire that is 1000+ questions and can view their consultation reports. The Nutritionists are able to login in and view the questionnaire submitted by the client, prepare a detailed consultation report including Graphs depicting the client's current health status. The Nutritionists are able to collaborate with other Nutritionists and doctors all from their login areas. The Administrator manages the user information of clients and nutritionists create users and many additional features. This application also integrates with another application Netbanx.

Salient Features

  • Distinguishing between Administrator, patient, and nutritionist
  • Assignment of patients to nutritionist
  • Consultation Report Generation and maintaining patient history
  • Nutritionists able to collaborate with other nutritionists and doctors
  • Graphical Reports on patients health status
  • Integrated with payment gateway from Netbanx

Tools & Technology


  • Linux
  • PHP
  • MySQL
  • Apache

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